How to materialise your dream

Thanks to all modern technology and programming, we can look at the outcome of what we are planning before we begin implementation. That's why we offer 3D visualisations. Accurate, detailed and incredibly real.

How to do it

As a base we need a 2D drawing, which you usually receive from the designer or architect. Of course, if you embark on your own vision and want to try it, then we can do the dimensions and we can create the 2D drawing for you. This also works for objects other than buildings and interiors.

As we continue with building side

In the case of your vision of the building or interior we can create a plan. Either simple or more sophisticated.

From a bird's eye view, the world is the most beautiful

We can create only one or more angles for you. Sometimes the shape is complicated and it is better to create more views for a more objective picture.

And then it's just getting ready

The next step is the real furnishing of the apartment. You choose the equipment and style and then you can enjoy the result and look forward to the real result.

And the others?

The procedure is essentially the same as real estate. We just do not need a drawing, but the exact dimensions, description, style, color just at the beginning, as detailed as possible, so that we can create an idea.

Processing, price, realisation

Each job is individual, so unfortunately it cannot be priced using the standard selected program or based on already created projects. It depends on the background, specification, deadline. Anyway, you can write or call us at any time and the solution will certainly be found. We are looking forward to collaborating with you.